[Circle] [oasis] Ack... it crashes! Help!

From: invincibill (long@hercules.ntsource.com)
Date: 11/03/96


i am getting crashes everytime i try to create a zone with zedit (zedit new
<##>).  it works fine until i save it to internal memory.  then BLAM!  bye
bye. this isnt so bad, cuz i can log right back on and its saved to disk so
i can deal with it for a while...however.....

i am also getting crashes when i create a mob and try to save it to disk.
is this a known bug with OasisOLC??  i have found now way to get around
this. it sounds an awful lot like the bugs sammy has fixed with obuild.  

any pointers out there?  i am getting segmentation faults and core dumps,
only problem is..this fricken unixware dont have gdb or dbx. at least that i
was able to find.  it has a couple of debuggers but i'm not sure how they
work.  HELP!! i have been messing with this thing for HOURS....or am i gonna
have to go through the code with a fine tooth comb? *i dont really relish
that though..*



*lead me to the mountain that is higher than i.....*

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