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From: George (
Date: 11/03/96

On Sun, 3 Nov 1996 wrote:

> A: [Strider] <a sword> MinBid: 100
> A: [Joe-Bob] I'll pay 100 for a sword!
> A: [Strider] a sword is going  to Joe-Bob for 100 coins.      <-- NOTE 1

I put that there so people would know when someone else bid.
Btw, put how many seconds of delay are between them too.
Seeing as how you have your own method...

> A: [Strider] a sword is going once to Joe-Bob for 100 coins.   
> A: [Strider] a sword is going TWICE to Joe-Bob for 100 coins.
> A: [Strider] a sword SOLD to Joe-Bob for 100 coins.
> I've tweaked with the code and tried several different things but I can't get rid of the line that is marked 
> above, any help? I'll post the chunk of code that displays it now.
>   if (auction.ticks >= AUC_BID && auction.ticks <= AUC_TWICE) {

if (auction.ticks >= AUC_ONCE && auction.ticks <= AUC_TWICE) {
if (auction.ticks == AUC_ONCE || auction.ticks == AUC_TWICE) {

Since AUC_ONCE and AUC_TWICE are 2 and 3 if I remember right.
>     /* Make sure object exists here on line below */

You might actually want to listen to this line :)
If they log out, you'll have a pointer dangling in the middle of nowhere.
It's not a bug, it's how I designed it.  Just search their inventory
for the object again is all I did.  If you don't let them log out or
ditch the object in the first place (by taking it from them for example)
then don't worry about the line, unless it helps your sanity.

George Greer	Student Systems Co-Administrator of Dragon

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