Re: [Circle] [Newbie] Apply types, str, & +dam

From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 11/03/96

> Could someone explain how strength affects the damage during combat?  
> I've looked over the following table and haven't been able to figure out 
> how this affects the damage done.  What I have done is added 8 races to 
> my Circle 3.0 b 11, each having +'s or -'s in certain areas.  Giants get 
> + number(0,5) on Str, and in testing it out the character is 

cd src
grep -in str_app *.c

You'll see where str_app is used in fight.c for hit/dam bonuses.
Also look in act.item.c for weight that can be carried.

grep -in str_app *.h

Look in srtucts.h as that shows and see what 4 things str_app affects

Or to do it all in one shot:
  grep -in str_app *.[ch]

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