[Circle] Newbie? Hardly.

From: BlackWind (BlackWind@multiplex.com)
Date: 11/04/96

I'm hardly a newbie, don't fuck around and start wise cracking your
mouth at me, I've added plenty of things ON my own.  The reason I ask
for these things, is I've seen how they work, and cannot copy the format
exactly, when I find something like this, I don't wanna waste my time
and make one of my own, cause it's a royal pain in the ass, Am I right?
Maybe if circlemud were in C++ I wouldn't mind as much, but C is too
damn long, and too damn buggy.

 So, do NOT tell me I am a newbie, and give me some half ass lecture
about getting a programming book, If you think me ASKING for this help
is annoying, then tell me so.  But I thought that was what this mailing
list was for.....Now, a DECENT reply to my question please, don't waste
my time with this kind of crock of shit.

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