Re: [Circle] IDIOTS

From: Michael Steinmann (
Date: 11/04/96

True, I agree helping people is one thing, but what gets to me is when 
the newbies come in and start saying things like, give me, give me, give 
me, and complain when they can't figure out a parse error that they got 
from putting in the code.  I am by far not the most experienced person by 
the way of coding, but this mailing list is for circle (or so I 
thought).  People should just think before they say certain things.


On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Mud Administration wrote:

> I dont mean to sound rude to all us NICE coders, BUT the ones who get to 
> writing mail and bad mouthing newbies need to leave...  If you bad mouthers do 
> not want to hear from newbies then get off this channel and go somewhere 
> else.  This channel is for people to share ideas and to express opinions 
> and ask for help..  10 to 1 says you bad mouthers have asked for help on 
> here before and now that you know something you get mad at the NEWBIEs 
> for wanting to learn.  If people want to have patchs of stuff you do have 
> the right to say no if you made it yourself, but how is ANYONE going to 
> learn if no-one is willing to teach or to help.
> Thanks....
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