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From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 11/04/96

 Chi Hoai Tran <> wrote: (Tue, 5 Nov 1996 14:43:55 +1100 (EST))

 >     Heh, I thought since this thread is something different from our
 >  usual crap, I would air my opinion as well *grin*
 >     I think that having to wade through your email with your finger
 >  on the delete button without even reading past the first sentence is an
 >  indication of the state of this mailing list. 

 > Once in a blue moon
 >  someone says something extremely useful about the CODE itself, and I get
 >  pleasantly surprised that I have actually saved a piece of mail for a

 I think that's the reason a good many of us stay on the list. I've
 never posted a compile/crashbug.. I don't expect mud implementors to
 help me fix my crashing mud when they have a mud to work on themselves.
 Though I guess I'm not above wasting that same set of people's time
 with non-circle related posts on the list *peer self*

 >  later perusal - oh well, what do I expect??  Dark Realms never uses 
 >  patches because we are obsessed with stability, so I say, if you use
 >  a patch, EXPECT to do some debugging!!!  That's my only gripe I guess.

 I completely agree there. One should trust a patch about as far as one
 can throw it.. However, with that said there have been some extremely
 useful patches available that I just couldn't say no to. Improved edit
 and Oasis OLC being the must useful examples and then of course there
 is the mobprogs.. After over 100 hours of trying to track down the myriad
 problems I incurred with it, and attempting to extend it to fit my idea
 of a mob programming language I yanked it, and am embarking upon my own
 creation along those lines.. (no offense to the people who created the
 mobprog code.. I'm not trying to say it's bad code.. just that it wasn't
 what I needed)

 Bottom line.. Spend hours looking at any code you attempt to add to
 your mud.. Know it now or learn it later (can you say crashbug?)

 >  Use read_object ONLY if you are actually loading the object into the
 >  game.  If you are merely doing a IF check, then use real_object.
 >  Look through the *.h files to see where most variables are stored -
 >  especially utils.h.
 >  For all mobile activities, its all under mobact.c.  First there is
 >  a check if the mob has any spec_procs, before it checks if the
 >  mob_flags like SCAVENGER etc.  If your mob does have spec_procs,
 >  then return TRUE (in the spec_procs) only if you dont want the
 >  mob_flags being checked, else return FALSE.

Now if someone had just posted those three gems when I first started
working on the code, I'd have been most grateful.. Which brings up another
thought.. Why don't we attempt to put most of the repetitive questsions in the
FAQ... Even if it isn't strictly the charter of the list (parse errors, etc) ..
Document it once, refer later.. Save us all some time.

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