Re: [Circle] IDIOTS

From: Travis Oakley (
Date: 11/05/96

BUT.. this list isnt for NEWBIES wanting to run a mud
it is for circlemud admins, and in the circlemud docs it says STOP RIGHT 
HERE if you do not know how to code C (or something in that effect)
so if you cant code it doesnt qualify you as an admin

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Mud Administration wrote:

> I dont mean to sound rude to all us NICE coders, BUT the ones who get to 
> writing mail and bad mouthing newbies need to leave...  If you bad mouthers do 
> not want to hear from newbies then get off this channel and go somewhere 
> else.  This channel is for people to share ideas and to express opinions 
> and ask for help..  10 to 1 says you bad mouthers have asked for help on 
> here before and now that you know something you get mad at the NEWBIEs 
> for wanting to learn.  If people want to have patchs of stuff you do have 
> the right to say no if you made it yourself, but how is ANYONE going to 
> learn if no-one is willing to teach or to help.
> Thanks....
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