Re: [Circle] IDIOTS

From: Bill Romano (
Date: 11/05/96

I cant sit back and watch this go by without a small portion of my .02$
in.  I have some experience coding, none in C, and a TON of mudding in
general experience.  I am one of 4 imps on my mud, and i do alot of the
little coding cause that is all i can handle with my current skill level.

I am however, IMHO, the guy with the big vision, the one worried about the
balancing of the mud, the whole big picture guy, the other imps have lots
of ideas, but i spend my tinme fitting those intot he picture.  Am I
_LESS_ of an admin cause i cant seem to figure out how to sue a struct on
my own?  I think not, If I were th ONLY imp on this mud, i wouldnt thing
that I should be running it, but with 2 full coding imps, and myself, I
think we are doing ok.

Please Stop with the flames for ppl who dont know C, we are trying some
more than others, and If you dont want newbie questions, host an ADVANCED
CIRCLE MUD MAILING LIST, invite only status or something, and stop filling
my box with this you all need to be C experts before you dl anything.
*steps off his soap box*
replies to me please, think this has wasted enough bandwidth.
Ghost Shaidan aka
Bill Romano

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Travis Oakley wrote:

> BUT.. this list isnt for NEWBIES wanting to run a mud
> it is for circlemud admins, and in the circlemud docs it says STOP RIGHT 
> HERE if you do not know how to code C (or something in that effect)
> so if you cant code it doesnt qualify you as an admin
> On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Mud Administration wrote:
> > I dont mean to sound rude to all us NICE coders, BUT the ones who get to 
> > writing mail and bad mouthing newbies need to leave...  If you bad mouthers do 
> > not want to hear from newbies then get off this channel and go somewhere 
> > else.  This channel is for people to share ideas and to express opinions 
> > and ask for help..  10 to 1 says you bad mouthers have asked for help on 
> > here before and now that you know something you get mad at the NEWBIEs 
> > for wanting to learn.  If people want to have patchs of stuff you do have 
> > the right to say no if you made it yourself, but how is ANYONE going to 
> > learn if no-one is willing to teach or to help.
> > 
> > Thanks....
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