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From: Dan Johnson (danpatti@dreamscape.com)
Date: 11/05/96

Hi All!...I just wanted to thank those of you that helped me with my minor
problem I was having on races..what happened was I just erased all the
lines that were there, and started doding it all myself...I wrote it all,
and everything was fine, except those two lines of code...well..thanks
again for the advice...it worked. It sometimes is some stupid things that
people over look, and need to get advice from others...Iv'e been coding
for four years in C...I've written doom type games, and done a lot of
other game type things...But even I can overlook stupid things that when
you see them you just wanna jump out a damn window, but it happens..I
understand how some of you get frustrated with a lot of stupid questions
sometimes, but you have to remember, you werte there once too, and you got
help from experienced people...as did I...I dunno about the rest of these
guys, but i'll do the best I can to help anyone that needs it. This is not
flaming against my fellow coders because believe me I get annoyed
sometimes too, but I do stupid mistakes, and so do you. So I can
appreciate some stupid questions...hehe...cause sometime I'll throw some
out there, also.
I appreciate all the help so far, and I'll return the favor to anyone that
needs it.
Oh, and to the person that wrote me about the who having races
included...I'm gonna do that tomorrow i think..and If you give me your
e-mail address, ill send you the code for it..sorry, I forgot your name :(

Well, thats really all I have to say..I dunno about other peoples
situation..but I have NO help from anyone on codeing, and sometime I need
another eye to look over stuff just to get a different perspective..I mean
that's why were all here, aren't we?

 (Dan Johnson)
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