RE: [Circle] races?

From: Sammy (
Date: 11/05/96

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Jones E SrA 51CS/SCMMK wrote:

- >I was just putting some more races in and wondered if there was a limit to
- >how many races circlemud can handle in it's present form?  Reason i ask is
- >i notice in several spots the proggie is shifting a bit depending on which
- >race is chosen.  I figure eventually if you keep shifting that bit it's
- >going into the ol bit-bucket.. so how many races can one have?
- You've noticed this too, huh?  I get the left-shift warning 3 times when 
- compiling because my highest bitvector type thingie is (1 << 34).
- I think it's because of the 32-bit thing, but i'm not sure, and have yet to 
- figure out how to get it to go away.

Just take the -Wall flag out of your Makefile ;)


p.s.  Don't take the -Wall flag out of your Makefile :P

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