[Circle] Newbie?

Date: 11/05/96

Hello all my name is Joel D. Bernard aka Die/Fyrelord.
I'm new, and i'll keep my question short and simple. I'm running   
Circlebpl11 on NT 4.0 with Visual C++ 4.0. I've had few problems. Kudos   
to all of you for the great code! Right now I'm looking for code that   
will compile and run on NT 4.0 for: guilds (like in stroms lands code),   
alias saving, multi-classes and the info screen that explains the class   
and race you are choosing and then confirms that's what you really want   
(like on Mystik Isles). Most of the code and patches I've found are for   
Unix :( Any help would be helpful. Thanks

Die/FyreLord/Joel D. Bernard
email address: Jbernard@hrgate.gc.lucent.com
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