[Circle] MY .02

From: BlackWind (BlackWind@multiplex.com)
Date: 11/05/96

Ok, here's the thing.  My opinion is that only a self concited,
wanna-be programmer would bitch me out like that for asking for such
SIMPLE help (By the way, you might wanna know I got fed up with the bull
shit, and put in the mourge code on my own).  Even if you people do know
C as well as you say you do, you have spent all of your time reading
books, and understanding it, and testing it, and shit like that.  'I'
don't devote my life to learning C.  I could learn it in 1 day if I
wanted to, but I don't, I'll take it in stride and learn it slowly.  But
I think the amount I know is pretty fucking good for a 15 year old.
I've spent VERY much time on my mud, and plan on spending YEARS more to
make it the best mud around.  NONE of the patches, and code snipets I
got remained the same, I've added to all of them, or changed them in
some way to make them better.  I've added plenty of my own stuff,
including mourge, now.  I've made my own alias/poofin save code, I've
added a few unique spec_procs (special procedures) for mobs, instead of
takeing the time to patch in mobprog.  And I could go on and on with
what I've done.

	The point I'm trying to get across is that not all people have the time
or patience to learn C code, or to run a mud.  I happen to have both,
and I've been looked at the wrong way by someone that THINKS they know
who everyone is by how they ask for help.  I admit, I'm not a really
good programmer when it comes to C, but I am good enought to figure
stuff out, yet not good enough to do it quick.  What takes most coders
about 5 minutes, takes me 30.  There ARE people that run muds, that know
NOTHING of C, and get people to code for them.  They get they're muds
running just fine.  So don't automatically bitch at people for asking
for your help, I don't know where you people read about subscribeing
here, but where 'I' read, it said that this is a place to get help with
your mud, and contribute to other's muds.  I came here for both.  When
my mud is complete I will contribute what I feel I can let public.  But
for now, I'm here only for help, and I'll help out with simple C
questions, and errors, and ANYTHING to do with UNIX.

	Thank you,
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