Re: [Circle] MY .02

From: Scott AJ (
Date: 11/05/96

RAH! you tell on boy!
 He does have a point though - people like 'ol blackwind and I cant be
bothered to take a few months (yes no-one in the world could learn it in a
day alas) learning it before w start coding - we wanna get stuck in and
see results. We will then begin to learn C and when in 6 months time
someone like us comes along asking for some trivial help WE WILL tell them
what to do - because we appreciate what there going through.
 Also there is no point having a newbie mailing list because erm, who'll
answer the questions?

> Ok, here's the thing.  My opinion is that only a self concited,
> wanna-be programmer would bitch me out like that for asking for such
> SIMPLE help (By the way, you might wanna know I got fed up with the bull
> shit, and put in the mourge code on my own).  Even if you people do know
> C as well as you say you do, you have spent all of your time reading
> books, and understanding it, and testing it, and shit like that.  'I'
> don't devote my life to learning C.  I could learn it in 1 day if I
> wanted to, but I don't, I'll take it in stride and learn it slowly.  But
> I think the amount I know is pretty fucking good for a 15 year old.
> I've spent VERY much time on my mud, and plan on spending YEARS more to
> make it the best mud around.  NONE of the patches, and code snipets I
> got remained the same, I've added to all of them, or changed them in
> some way to make them better.  I've added plenty of my own stuff,
> including mourge, now.  I've made my own alias/poofin save code, I've
> added a few unique spec_procs (special procedures) for mobs, instead of
> takeing the time to patch in mobprog.  And I could go on and on with
> what I've done.
> 	The point I'm trying to get across is that not all people have the time
> or patience to learn C code, or to run a mud.  I happen to have both,
> and I've been looked at the wrong way by someone that THINKS they know
> who everyone is by how they ask for help.  I admit, I'm not a really
> good programmer when it comes to C, but I am good enought to figure
> stuff out, yet not good enough to do it quick.  What takes most coders
> about 5 minutes, takes me 30.  There ARE people that run muds, that know
> NOTHING of C, and get people to code for them.  They get they're muds
> running just fine.  So don't automatically bitch at people for asking
> for your help, I don't know where you people read about subscribeing
> here, but where 'I' read, it said that this is a place to get help with
> your mud, and contribute to other's muds.  I came here for both.  When
> my mud is complete I will contribute what I feel I can let public.  But
> for now, I'm here only for help, and I'll help out with simple C
> questions, and errors, and ANYTHING to do with UNIX.
> 	Thank you,
> 		Blackwind
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