Re: [Circle] MY .02

From: Thomas Katzlberger (
Date: 11/05/96

You wrote:
> RAH! you tell on boy!

Yep, he does :)

> some trivial help WE WILL tell them what to do - because we
> appreciate what there going through. Also there is no point having
> a newbie mailing list because erm, who'll answer the questions?

Heh, this answer is easy: Smart newbie will answer question of 
talkative newbie thus slowly advancing to very smart newbie and
finally to no-longer newbie who will get access to the advanced
newsgroup as newbie again ;).


Ob circle:
Don't patch but put in line by line of the code yourself this will
save you time on average. Use revision control (cvs) to undo changes 
that cause your mud to crash and retrieve previous stable versions of
sourcecode. Do a 'cvs diff' to check the changes a coder made since 
the last stable version. CVS is as essential as gdb for a good MUD,
as free as gcc and extremely simple to use.

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