Re: [Circle] Mailing list suggestion:

From: Thomas Katzlberger (
Date: 11/05/96

> Do I sense the beginnings of a circle-newbie mailing list?

I would vote for it.

How about this idea:

Make 2 lists, publish the first one (e.g this one at the web pages)
and make a second one Circle Advanced <>.
The only way to get into the advanced list is by getting out its
address by being subscribed to the first list. Whenever one who is
on both lists thinks there is a good post he/she can crosspost it
to the advanced list and replies to the problem will contain the
advanced list's address (optionally). This is then the invitation
to the avdvanced list.

Eventually the articles of the advanced list could be automatically
crossposted with Bcc: (blind carbon copy) to the normal list. 

Another way would be to setup a oneway email to the advanced list
and make it public so that everyone can post to the advanced list,
but not be part of it. If the post is acceptable there will be a
reply and the access to the advanced list is possible as it contains 
its address.

How about that?

Then newbies could help themselfes by discussing their problems and
we could be sure not to delete interresting mails.

I am continuously thinking about leaving this list since about a year
it simply contains too much junkmail. It produces about 4MB email a 
month which is quite a bit too much for a mailinglist.


PS: How about a listserver where I can set a kill list that doesn't 
deliver articles containing the buzzwords: 
races, patch, patches, newbie, fuck, shit, HELP!, looking for code,
Win95, Windows, ...
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