Re: [Circle] MY .02

From: Jason (
Date: 11/05/96

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Scott AJ wrote:

> RAH! you tell on boy!
>  He does have a point though - people like 'ol blackwind and I cant be
> bothered to take a few months (yes no-one in the world could learn it in a
> day alas) learning it before w start coding - we wanna get stuck in and
> see results. We will then begin to learn C and when in 6 months time
> someone like us comes along asking for some trivial help WE WILL tell them
> what to do - because we appreciate what there going through.
>  Also there is no point having a newbie mailing list because erm, who'll
> answer the questions?

Any coders willing to help out newbies could subscribe.


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