Re: [Circle] [IDEA] shapeshifters

From: JTRhone (
Date: 11/05/96

> 	This would make for a very intersting place and atmoshphere
> especially if you have similar tricks for the players to stumple/find.
> Maybe later i will let you all know some other of my ideas :)
Yes.  Thanx for the idea :).

> P.S. Please don't ask how i was going to impliment this! That is up to you
> to figure out for yourself.

I would (and will) probably throw an integer and another flag on the mob.
When the conditions are right, and said mob is flagged SHAPESHIFTER or
something, load alternate mob using the new integer as the alternate mob
vnum, then transfer certain data over to new mob, such as life stats (hp
mana move perhaps), and extract the original. Hmm upon further review,
would probably have to transfer some ptrs to the new mob as well, like the
fighting ptrs and such.  Will probably have to fiddle with the combat list
as well.  But, you gave me an idear.  Thanks.

vall aka jtrhone RoA

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