Re: [Circle] [IDEA] shapeshifters

From: Carl (
Date: 11/06/96

> 	This idea can be a kinda of shapeshifter. Lets say as an example
> (i won't tell you what i was using it for, but) you have fido and when
> someone attacks fido fido of course will attack back. when fido reaches a
> certain HP say like when he would normally flee or maybe tenpercent of
> health (Fido's health for clarification) fido, the shapeshifter, would
> loose his consentration and be forsced to change to something else which
> just happens to be a little (alot) stronger and a little (alot) more
> deadlier... Oh not for newbies ;) this could be used for traps or other
> ROLE playing type situations. For example, you have a frail old man who
> has a magical item that will alow entrance into a secret vault of lost
> treaseures and magic. The player thinks, "This is too easy." then after
> the shapeshifter looses his concentration (lets say its a spell and the
> spell is broken) the old man turns into something like a magical creature
> (dragon, stonegolem, giant, gryphon, pheonix, ect...)

Another imp on the MUD I code for had a sort of similar idea... but it was
for a player class... he called it animal master.  The idea was to have a
class that would be allowed to use a limited form of the wiz switch
command... I thought it was a pretty neat idea.  You could have it be a
skill that the character would improve, or multiple skills for various
types of creatures, and then you would have to succeed at the skill to
switch into the mob's body... for more powerful mobs, more difficult to
switch.  And if you failed really horribly, something unpleasant would
happen... the more i think about it, the more i like the idea.  I think
I'll try to implement it 



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