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From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 11/06/96

Jason <> wrote: [Wed, 6 Nov 1996 08:54:04 -0800 (PST)]

>  On Wed, 6 Nov 1996, DJ Pure wrote:
>  > Has anyone successfully done the following on Win95 with the stock code
>  > ported for that?
>  > 
>  > 1. Successfully make the players save their items (in their last eq
>  > poitions) and when the player returns, the eq is already loaded back to
>  > where it last was worn ?

Have you tried the auto_eq patch on the ftp site? You might look at it.

>  <
>  > 2.Created a syslog, so all 'log' commands log the info to a file, not to
>  > the screen?

circle >>run.log
.. then make another program to read the log and stuff the entries in
whatever files you want.. Win95 doesn't support unix shell scripts, et
al.. so you'll have to roll your own log sorter. Visual Basic would be
a good choice for that imho (if you want to go overboard, use crystal
reports (they have a new html output generator) and you could use that
for a web based who's on list..

>  These should all be simple code modifications, and if you don't know how
>  to do it, I am sure there is a patch somewhere.
>  > 3. created a bat file so when the game crashes, it auto loads again?
>  Come on.. you can do that in a 3 line batch file..
>  :startloop
>    circle
>  goto startloop
>  You can add errorlevel case statements for whatever diabolical purposes
>  you need. ;)

The only problem there is that when a program crashes under Win95, you
get a neato dialog box that tells you where it crashed.. At it's not
trivial to make that little box not show (from what I've been able to
gather it's easier to make a program that's sole function is to just
wait for the little box so it can press OK)

>  > 4. Made a project with all the .c and .h files, so all you have to do is
>  > type build and it compiles all relevant files (that were changed, just
>  > like what a Makefile does). This is so I can use the watch command and
>  > breakpoints, etc. to trace through the code. ??? [This is of course for MS
>  > Visual Basic].

You mean MS Visual C, right? (I hope so :-)) .. create a new console app
project, add wsock32.lib and add all the c and h files to the project..
you'll be able to build inside the IDE.

>  Why would you make a project with .c and .h files in Visual BASIC?  It's a
>  easy-to-use language and all, but I don't think it compiles stuff for you
>  when it's in a different language.
>  > Thanks all, and please don't flame me for using MS. I know it sucks, but i
>  > sorta have to use it becuase i'm don't have Linux and ain't gonna get it.

I LIKE MS development tools.. Use them by choice.. Though I suppose
that's mostly because I don't have the time to learn every nuance of
unix' command line based tools.. The only thing I envy of the unix side
is the that end I made a poor man's RCS. A batch file that creates
numbered directories and copies the current build into the latest directory..
With the Visual WinDiff program available on the 'net you can take a look at two
source files and it gives a great graphical view of how the files differ.
That has saved me so many times I wonder if I've ever written a line of
code that didn't have at least two bugs :(

my 2c on the subject...


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