Re: [Circle] Mono BBS

From: Scott AJ (
Date: 11/06/96

Hi I have heard rumours that the Monochrome BBS based at City University
England is to become the official UK FTP site for circle in  the UK. To
access it telnet either;

Monochrome is the largest BBS in the UK I am told, and if we started
using the circle section <RGMC> I am sure I can persaude the section owner
to update it to our needs - ie by adding a newbie coding section, advanced
coding section, ethics section and things like that, as well as having the
ftp site online to veiw as well.
 Sorry to advertise on the mailing list :) but this would be a very
valuable resource i am sure if enough people start to use it :P

Yours Amoeba (on muds and monochrome) Implementor of Perculiar People Mud
(soon to be sited on monochrome BBS)

P.S. If there are rules about no advertising or such on the mailing list
then sorry :)

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