[Circle] Re: Skill based system

From: Skylar (skylar@ifconfig.intserv.com)
Date: 11/06/96

On Wed, 6 Nov 1996, Mark McArthey wrote:

> The only thing that I'm curious if you allow is skipping lower
> level skills.  For example, as a cleric I never use cure light wounds
> so I never bother learning it.  Later, when I improve (gain levels)
> I learn cure serious.  Would a system like this force me to learn
> cure light in order to later get cure serious?  Is there anyway
> you see around this while still retaining the same 'flavor' of your
> system?

In essense, there would be no way to cast (and thus learn from) cure serious
until you've already mastered cure light.  (I don't think I have either
of these spells still in my mud, but the concept is the same).  Basically,
you start out with some skills/spells, and learning them leads to other,
more powerful and related skills/spells, so no you couldn't "skip" the low
ones like cure light and jump right to heal or whatever... then again, you
dont have to use practice points either, you learn by doing, so there's 
really no reason for skipping spells.  I have coded in some exceptions, of
course, but they (hopefully) will be rare... you could theoretically obtain
some sort of book or tome and learn some skill or spell from that without
going through the prerequisit lower-power skills, and my psionics are non-
branching skills which you may get at char-creation time, or when you're
mortally wounded (permanant death makes this a tough way to do it).

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