[Circle] [IDEA] shapeshifters

From: Chris Ryan (drizzt@visi.net)
Date: 11/05/96

be honest this is a hobby of sorts and i doubt if will ever happen, well
at least no time soon so here is one of my ideas to put in a mud.

	This idea can be a kinda of shapeshifter. Lets say as an example
(i won't tell you what i was using it for, but) you have fido and when
someone attacks fido fido of course will attack back. when fido reaches a
certain HP say like when he would normally flee or maybe tenpercent of his
health (Fido's health for clarification) fido, the shapeshifter, would
loose his consentration and be forsced to change to something else which
just happens to be a little (alot) stronger and a little (alot) more
deadlier... Oh not for newbies ;) this could be used for traps or other
ROLE playing type situations. For example, you have a frail old man who
has a magical item that will alow entrance into a secret vault of lost
treaseures and magic. The player thinks, "This is too easy." then after
the shapeshifter looses his concentration (lets say its a spell and the
spell is broken) the old man turns into something like a magical creature
(dragon, stonegolem, giant, gryphon, pheonix, ect...)

	This would make for a very intersting place and atmoshphere
especially if you have similar tricks for the players to stumple/find.
Maybe later i will let you all know some other of my ideas :)

Christopher M. Ryan

P.S. Please don't ask how i was going to impliment this! That is up to you
to figure out for yourself.

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