[Circle] [circle] [ideia] AI & roleplaying.

From: Jorge Guilherme (jmg@students.si.fct.unl.pt)
Date: 11/06/96

just said that it is only possible with artificial intelegence in order to
have mobs interact with players.
 I don't agree, and would like to restart the thread by saying: no AI is
needed, we got natural intelegence.
 I think that most things that are tipicaly done by NPCs (mobs) can be
done by PCs.

 An example: shopkeeping is done by a mob. It is easy to change that so
that the job is vacant and can be ocupied by some player. The player gets 
a percentage on seels/buys and maybe a fee every hour.

 Another one: a castle captain can offer equipment to those who defend the
castle against some enemy. Or if you assist some kind of mob you get

 And the most likely wanted by a mud admin: quests can be made just by
giving a player some object that can only be traded with another object
(owned by another player). The objects are usseless to the players
originaly owning them, so the players have to search for the porpouse of
such item, loking around for clues, asking, killing, stealing, etc, (the
usual stuff).

 All of this can be implemented, some easely and some not so easely, and
defenately get roleplaying in the mud.
 I'dd like to ear more examples like that.

      Jorge Guilherme

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