[Circle] Re: Improved Edit Bug

From: Michael Scott (scottm@dns.workcomm.net)
Date: 11/06/96

On Wed, 6 Nov 1996, Nicholas S. Wourms wrote:

> Hello again,
> 	I just wanted to report an improved edit bug.  A Fatal Flaw ocurrs 
> when one of my players mails another.  The bug occurs when they type '/s' 
> without actually writing anything (they try to send a blank message).  I 
> don't know if this happens anywhere else, but it caused my mud to crash 
> with a Fatal Flaw.  I would depply apperciate any input on this problem, 
> and I might add, that this code is great!

  Yeah, after changing the lines in modify.c to handle NULL messages 
(part of the v1.1 changes) so that they return actually NULL, and not 
just a message with a null char as the first character ...
  The following line also needs to be changed in modify.c::string_add():
So that now when a player tries to send an empty message to another 
player.. it just aborts.

     else if (!d->connected && (PLR_FLAGGED(d->character, PLR_MAILING))) {
	if ((terminator == 1) && *d->str) {
	/* ^^^^^^^ line above is changed ^^^^^^ */
	   store_mail(d->mail_to, GET_IDNUM(d->character), *d->str);
	   SEND_TO_Q("Message sent!\r\n", d);

	Have fun, and as always report errors or fixes to:
                      Michael Scott -- "Living in the Eye of the Hurricane."
		      FLAMES/COMMENTS to scottm@workcomm.net

Ps. All the patches on the ftp site have been updated as well as the 
BUGFIX file, so that a new user who applies one of the current patches 
wont have any of the reported errors.
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