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From: Dan Johnson (danpatti@dreamscape.com)
Date: 11/06/96

OK...I think I'm just really frustrated...so here I am turnig to you
guys....I got the alias.c from the circle ftp site, for saving aliases.
I added it..added all the things in the act.other.c, interpreter.c
utils.c, util.h from the readme docs...But when I did what it said to 
do in the makefile, I think somehting is wrong..ok...heres the deal.
When I first compiled it..I was getting errors in certain places of the 
.c's i edited..I fixed all that crap. When it got to the en of all 
the.c files, it said Makefile doesnt know how to compile -gcc 
file...What the hell?
Well..Stupid me thought that maybe I should run the ./configure
program...well..hehe...I got undefined statements out the ass!!
from olc...from interpreter..and others too...
I dont know..can someone give me a hand on this problem?
I'd really appreciate it!

    (Dan Johnson)
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