[Circle] [newbie]

From: Ron Cole (roncole@shore.intercom.net)
Date: 11/06/96

Hi all,

I put this under newbie, but I know C fairly well, and am learning my way around
the circle code.  The newbie part is Unix.  I've added mobprog editing to the
oasis code, but I suspect I may have allocated some memory without freeing it or
freeing something I was replacing.  Or, one of the patches I've applied is
eating memory.  What's the best method of determining if/how much is being lost?
I'd like to monitor it and watch what happens as I use different routines.  For
instance, if I edit a mobprog but don't change anything, I shouldn't lose any
memory after I save it.

Thanks,  Ron

AKA:  Skalizar of AstroMUD

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