Re: [Circle] More Win95 Problems

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 11/06/96

"DJ Pure" <> wrote: [Thu, 7 Nov 1996 10:24:20 +1100]

>  Firstly, I would like to thank ALL those people who have helped me get it
>  working under win95.
>  I made a mistake stating that i was using MS Visual Basic, when i ment,
>  VC++ 4.0 (it was late, ok!).
>  But can anyone answer these questions for me now, please.
>  1. I've made a new console application, but i get these errors. I've have
>  ADDED wsock32.lib in the "link" section of build|settings. I think I'm
>  missing something somewhere, like a path statement, or something.
>  C:\Mud Stuff\Circle Mud\src\sysdep.h(49): Could not find the file

You'll get those.. you'll get them again if you pick the 'Update all
dependencies' menu option as well.. I ignore it.. as it only happens the
first time you build the exe..(or add a new source file) at least in my

>  2. For saving Eq. I have made a simple modification somewhere when i got
>  the code a month ago - I added the correct files into the directory, just
>  like the docs said. The eq DOES save, but i DOESN'T save the eq into the
>  LAST position it was worn on (if it was being worn) when the player loads
>  back. Eg. I am holding a bag and wielding a sword. i type 'eq' and that
>  are listed as held and wielding... everything's ok. Then i type save and
>  then quit. Then log back in. and the eq is in my inventory now, not back
>  in the last position. 
>    I've seen the eq_patch. But i thought only "patches" are for unix
>  people.Is it possible for the patches to be done under win95???

Patches are for circle.. Running circle under win95 doesn't change anything
but the ifdefs for winsock vs. unix sockets code.. and a few misc routines.
It's the same code.. so anything but a 'socket handling' patch should
work.. as a general guideline.. I'm sure a lot of you can find specifics
to trash this generality.. :-)

>  Wow. Sorry for all these hassles everyone. Thanks again in advance for all
>  the support I'm recieinvg.
Glad to help.. (or more likely offer what pitiful assistance I am able


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