[Circle] More Win95 Problems

From: DJ Pure (pure@ozramp.net.au)
Date: 11/06/96

Firstly, I would like to thank ALL those people who have helped me get it
working under win95.

I made a mistake stating that i was using MS Visual Basic, when i ment,
VC++ 4.0 (it was late, ok!).

But can anyone answer these questions for me now, please.

1. I've made a new console application, but i get these errors. I've have
ADDED wsock32.lib in the "link" section of build|settings. I think I'm
missing something somewhere, like a path statement, or something.
C:\Mud Stuff\Circle Mud\src\sysdep.h(49): Could not find the file
C:\Mud Stuff\Circle Mud\src\sysdep.h(74): Could not find the file unistd.h
C:\Mud Stuff\Circle Mud\src\sysdep.h(78): Could not find the file
C:\Mud Stuff\Circle Mud\src\sysdep.h(115): Could not find the file
C:\Mud Stuff\Circle Mud\src\sysdep.h(127): Could not find the file
C:\Mud Stuff\Circle Mud\src\sysdep.h(131): Could not find the file crypt.h
C:\Mud Stuff\Circle Mud\src\sysdep.h(135): Could not find the file
C:\Mud Stuff\Circle Mud\src\sysdep.h(139): Could not find the file
C:\Mud Stuff\Circle Mud\src\sysdep.h(146): Could not find the file
  8<   snip    >8  

and it goes on.
These files seem to be the standard ones that come with the compiler, i
thought. When i use Nmake, i get NO problems at all. When I goto
build|settings -> Link, i DON'T touch anything (ie. Category = General,
output file = circle (i added that in) and Common Options list all those
.lib files, including wsock32.lib which is the first one in the list.

my path statement is :-


Hmm .. any ideas ??

2. For saving Eq. I have made a simple modification somewhere when i got
the code a month ago - I added the correct files into the directory, just
like the docs said. The eq DOES save, but i DOESN'T save the eq into the
LAST position it was worn on (if it was being worn) when the player loads
back. Eg. I am holding a bag and wielding a sword. i type 'eq' and that
are listed as held and wielding... everything's ok. Then i type save and
then quit. Then log back in. and the eq is in my inventory now, not back
in the last position. 

  I've seen the eq_patch. But i thought only "patches" are for unix
people.Is it possible for the patches to be done under win95???

Wow. Sorry for all these hassles everyone. Thanks again in advance for all
the support I'm recieinvg.

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