Re: [Circle] More Win95 Problems

From: Christopher M. Ryan (
Date: 11/06/96

> 1. I've made a new console application, but i get these errors. I've have
> ADDED wsock32.lib in the "link" section of build|settings. I think I'm
> missing something somewhere, like a path statement, or something.
> C:\Mud Stuff\Circle Mud\src\sysdep.h(49): Could not find the file
<more, ect...>
> and it goes on.
> These files seem to be the standard ones that come with the compiler, i
> thought. When i use Nmake, i get NO problems at all. When I goto
> build|settings -> Link, i DON'T touch anything (ie. Category = General,
> output file = circle (i added that in) and Common Options list all those
> .lib files, including wsock32.lib which is the first one in the list.
	The reason that you get those errors is because when MSVC parses through
the file it doesn't use the defines ifdef's at all it just looks at
everything and when the compiler see's a #include it looks for the file.
the reason why nmake doesn't show this is because it actually looks at all
the #defines and such.	

Christopher M. Ryan

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