Re: [Circle] Patches Question

From: Bri (
Date: 11/07/96

> How do you 'do' patches in win95 ??
> Like i thought the doc said something about adding patches, but that was
> for unix (becuase of the redirection arrow i think)
> an example would be nice (like the autoeq.patch)
I dunno how you do patches, but I haven't used the 'patch' command in
months.. I always manually patch everything. Load the thing into a text
editor, and you'll see '+', which represents add lines, '-', which
represents remove lines, and '!' which means change some. (When there's
'!'s, scroll down a bit and you'll find --- <numbers> ---... the second
set of '!'s are the ones to use.:)

Hope this helps.:)

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