Re: [Circle] [NEWBIE] Levels...

From: Bri (
Date: 11/07/96

> I am just now starting a circle mud and so you will see a lot of these
> type of questions from me, what needs to be done to change the level
> system from this 34 level setup to say 1xx or 3xx (one mud i worked on
> before had 314?)  where are level titles stores?
Ack.. I can't really remember. I do remember the following:

 * Level titles/charts are in class.c (if you go to a 310 level, 9
   class setup like I have, you'll learn to dread this file:)
 * If you go above .. I think 128, maybe 255, you'll have to go into
   structs.h and all places where GET_LEVEL or level or anything like
   that is defined and change it from a byte to an int. This will require
   a pwipe or pfile update.


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