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From: Justin Robinson (
Date: 11/07/96

> > Hey all, its me again.  Wanted to find out if anyone had any suggestions
> > on how to make it so somone is automaticly all 4 classes when they create
> > a character.  Or an alternate so that they are 1 class and can learn both
> > skills and spells. (There will in theory be no level restriction on spells
> > and skills and just different costs).  I am not asking for actual code or
> > for you to do this, just suggestions on what I should try doing since I am
> > kinda stumped.
> > 

I just rewrote the skill/spell stuff.  Changed it from being level 
dependent (Assigning skills/spells to a character by their level) to 
being more of a learning thing.  A character can have access to a 
skill/spell if their proficiencie is greater than 0.  So if it's 1, 
it'll show up in their prac listing.  If it's 0, it doesn't.   Makes 
it REALLY easy to assign skills/spells to races and classes at 
startup.  Then I just created a `Class-Master' spec_proc, and gave 
him the ability to trade you pracs for teaching you new skill/spells. 
 So far it's working out pretty well.

Some other stuff that was done:
    removed all titles from class.c  (Isn't it annoying to have your 
title change everytime you level?)
    removed all experience defines from class.c  (made experience an 
algorithm that calculates you level vs. mob's level, and you hp vs. 
mob hp.     Gonna add more to this, taking in A/C, spells, etc. but 
not till later)

Anyways, just thought I'd share some of the `odd' things I've done to 

Ruin! mud
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