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Date: 11/07/96

Brian Williams writes:

well, I am having some disagreements with the owner of mud.penguin.net 4000 
MUD.. so I'm gonna take the MUD and all my mods elsewhere.. :P if anyone 
knows a t1+ site that wants to house it.. please email me..

Is this a common problem?  I've got a general impression that some mud imps 
on this mailing list don't actually have a site to run on at present.  Is 
this a common practice?  It seems to me that it is rather risky to spend an 
enormous amount of time to develop a really good game and then to have no 
where to run it.  

How is the issue of where to run the mud handled in general?  Ideally the 
mud coder/develop should use his own site (renting one at his/her own 
expense if necessary).  (I had to call a lot of providers to find one that 
would let me run a mud on their system as an ordinary customer--but I found 

If the mud coder doesn't want to pay for his own site, then he/she would 
have to use someone elses's.  Do people rely on the generosity of site 
providers or do they give part "ownership" of the mud to the site host in 
return for use of his/her site?

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