Re: [Circle] [Admin] Site Provision

From: Bri (
Date: 11/07/96

> If the mud coder doesn't want to pay for his own site, then he/she would 
> have to use someone elses's.  Do people rely on the generosity of site 
> providers or do they give part "ownership" of the mud to the site host in 
> return for use of his/her site?
Pendwynn runs on complete generosity; the sysadmin of gives us a
free site, free access, all that. It's not the best, the lag's kinda bad,
but don't question what you can get :)

* Brian Smith, Mazri Without a Clue
* Chalabrai @ Pendwynn ( 4000 / 4000)
*   (in EXTREME alpha mode, not really lookin for pbase yet:)
* Smile! Someone looks up to you!:)

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