Re: [Circle] [Admin] Site Provision

From: claywar (claywar@CETLink.Net)
Date: 11/07/96

Really, having a perm. site is only a small advantage.  I don't have one,
and still work with several talented people on it.  It runs off my trusty,
yet old 486/80, with a static ip connection.  Sure, it has drawbacks
compared to a T1+ connection, but you have to realise, people can't make
money off of this (according to Diku).  But we do what we do for
ourselves, personal satifaction.  (at least I do)


On Thu, 7 Nov 1996 wrote:
> Is this a common problem?  I've got a general impression that some mud imps 
> on this mailing list don't actually have a site to run on at present.  Is 
> this a common practice?  It seems to me that it is rather risky to spend an 
> enormous amount of time to develop a really good game and then to have no 
> where to run it.  

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