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From: Bill Romano (
Date: 11/07/96

II am personally on my (our) SECOND "gratis" site, one of our imps has a
very good personal/customer relationship with the owner of a site... The
down side of this is if the site has ANY problems we get no notice, and we
dont like to bitch because we arent paying for the service.  I would
PREFER to pay for a site, so if something goes wrong, I have someone to
hold accountable.  Or at least can count on an email letting me know that
there is going to be down time or why it was down so i can pass this info
on to my players...

I think sites for muds are rare (conpared to the ppl who want to run them)
BECAUSE most of the ppl who run them dont have a site (before you DUH me
read on)  I think that the theory and idea of running a mud is very
attractive, until you start doing it, anyof you running a mud wiht players
besides your self know EXACTLY what i mean, your time and involvement
increase exponentially.  So lots of ppl who want a site may fold when the
get one...just an Idea, sorry to ramble on an off coding topic.

Ghost Shaidan
Questionable Sanity, 4000 (or with dns probs

On Thu, 7 Nov 1996 wrote:

> Brian Williams writes:
> well, I am having some disagreements with the owner of 4000 
> MUD.. so I'm gonna take the MUD and all my mods elsewhere.. :P if anyone 
> knows a t1+ site that wants to house it.. please email me..
> *******
> Is this a common problem?  I've got a general impression that some mud imps 
> on this mailing list don't actually have a site to run on at present.  Is 
> this a common practice?  It seems to me that it is rather risky to spend an 
> enormous amount of time to develop a really good game and then to have no 
> where to run it.  
> How is the issue of where to run the mud handled in general?  Ideally the 
> mud coder/develop should use his own site (renting one at his/her own 
> expense if necessary).  (I had to call a lot of providers to find one that 
> would let me run a mud on their system as an ordinary customer--but I found 
> one).  
> If the mud coder doesn't want to pay for his own site, then he/she would 
> have to use someone elses's.  Do people rely on the generosity of site 
> providers or do they give part "ownership" of the mud to the site host in 
> return for use of his/her site?
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