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From: Skylar (
Date: 11/09/96

On Sat, 9 Nov 1996, M.A.Clubine wrote:

> It's not that I am pissed that people wont fix my code, I'm just a little 
> frustrated that there are all these people on here and when a newbie does 
> something he/she gets flamed by like 20 people and these stupid threads 
> start.  Now when I have a serious question/problem I get ignored.  Ok, 
> well this isn't a bug report, and this isn't a suggestion.  It is a 
> question.  And since noone has responded I am left to assume that noone 
> knows the answer to this question, or that people dont give a damn.  
> Since I don't believe noone knows the answer or could give me a tip, I am 
> left to believe that people here done give a damn.  So this list is then 
> bogus and has no real purpose.  But whatever you people want to do, just 
> dont spam my mailbox anymore with flames when you can't take the time to 
> actually help.

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but as for myself I go by four basic
rules when answering questions to this list:

1) If there's too much re:[Circle][blah][blah][horseshit] crap in the  
   subject I don't even bother reading it.  I really hate this, the list
   was doing just fine without it, and I just find it all very annoying.
   If you've got some place to run your mud you can have multiple email
   boxes as well, and devote one entirely to the circle-list whee... if
   I have to actually open each individual mail to even see what its
   about, I'm not going to bother... thats what Subject: is for.

2) If the question was answered already in the recent past, I delete it
   right away.  There is FAR too much of this in my opinion.  Are there
   really people joining the list so often that they havnt read the posts
   from the last week only, which already answered their question?  A digest
   might actually be a good idea.. sorted by subject?

3) The question/subject is just not interesting enough, or deals with stuff
   I've already coded OUT of my own mud.  

4) Sadly, I try to never answer any questions posted to this list which I
   would consider that a good deal of the clueless imp's out there would be
   very interested in... this leads to a barrage of e-mail both personal and
   to the list asking "how" and for detailed instructions, followed by help
   on why it didnt work for them.  Bummer... because this is what I want most
   in the list; exchanging ideas that arent for the beginner with the few
   people out there that can probably provide some insight and original
   ideas, without having to spoon feed the masses of others who just want
   that new k-rad feature in their mud any way they can get it.

Most of this issnt dirrected at you at all, your post just provided me with
an opportunity to go-off on a tirade :-)  I'll dig the original post up and
reply to that with an answer, as this one is already too long and off-topic
as it is.


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