[Circle] [NEWBIE] OLC

From: Todd Hamilton Richert (3i42bzz@cmuvm.csv.cmich.edu)
Date: 11/09/96

Ok new problem...I have read all the faq's & readme's on the .06 version of
the olc.  I wiped my mud, unarchvied circle30bpl11 and put all the files in
the src dir.  Ran configure, ran make all.  Everything worked 100% great.
Ran the mud still no problems.  The problem I am having is this.  Every
object or mob I edit is saved as vnum 0.  I have tried "oedit <num>" it
tells me i'm editing the right object but when i type osave it says saving
vnum 0.  It saves EVERYTHING to that vnum and i dont know why the oedit
create creats the new vnum correctly so that works but oseting anything the
changes are put into obj vnum 0.  What can I do?

[>***** Todd H. Richert (Bel) *****>]
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