Re: [Circle] Newbie eq

From: Stefan Jakobsson (
Date: 11/09/96

On Sat, 9 Nov 1996, Rasdan wrote:
> I have a slight problem.
> I put in the newbie eq snippet so that newbies load with eq. Only problem
> I'm having is this:
>         The newbies always seem to load with 6 bugs (OBJ 0) and 6 wings
>         (OBJ 1). 
>         Anyone know how I can curb this problem?

Yes, by replacing the vnums that is predifined and replacing them with 
the vnums for some actual newbie eq (that you of course has to design 

If you look at the source, it says that you have to do this...

Reg, Stefan (aka Slite)
PhoneyMUD Imp

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