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From: JTRhone (
Date: 11/10/96

On Sun, 10 Nov 1996 wrote:

> memory allocated by the program upon exiting the program.  I have been
> yelled at constantly by different people to *ALWAYS* 'free' up anything I
> malloc when exiting/quitting a program.  Is this really that important?
> Or can we trust the OS to truly release all memory we allocate?  I
> honestly think it would be a hassle to go into the code and have it free
> up everything (since theres just so much that needs to be free'd).  Is it
> worth the effort/time?  Pros?  Cons?
> Penstar/Patrick

Using a mem allocation tracker and logger such as dmalloc will only prove
useful if you free up everything before exiting the program.  Memory leaks
are hard enough to find in a large codebase and not freeing up everything
before you jet only makes debugging and leak tracking that much more

You know absolutely that your program is releasing its resources back to
the OS.  Not doing this leaves just a hint of mystery in the mix, though
most modern OS handle it quite well, you just can't be sure.  Even if
there is only a 1 percent chance that all the resources are not being
released, why take that chance when you can prevent it? :)

Code.  More code.  Yes, it takes code to free up your character lists,
room lists, and object lists.  Along with all the plrmail, and board
messages, etc.

Time.  Of course more code means more time in writing it and debugging it
and many of us dont have the time to code anything other than 'additions'.
Personally I think that I myself should do a 50 / 50 mix of addition code
and optimization/cleaning code.  In other words, I should be spending just
as much time adding new code as I do maintaining and streamlining existing
code.  Too many times I get drawn off down a different avenue forgetting
my original code intentions :)  I think, in the long run, it would save me
some time and produce much better code.  Being the stubborn and impatient
fool I am, however, I'll stick to my 80/20 slice.

Well there ya have it from my view.  Is it worth it?  I think so.  I did
it and I use dmalloc to track memory leaks now if I get suspicious and it
works like a charm.  It was a necessity to free everything up before I
even thought of trying to use dmalloc.

Ok.  Back to my pizza and coke for breakfast.

jtrhone aka vall RoA (plug: 4000)

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