[Circle] gcc error messages...

From: Mud Administrator (mudadmin@vistech.net)
Date: 11/10/96

I was wondering if gcc did as I know some other compilers do and when a 
problem occurs that it'll give out a false error message because thats 
what appears to have happened to the compiler rather than what did(did 
any of that just make sense?)...

The reason I am asking, is because I recently(as in last nite) added in 
the mobprog code... but, when I tried to compile it, it would do just 
fine until it got down to creating mobcmd.o and then it would finda parse 
error.... parse errors are usually easy to find, but I can't seem to find 
this one(and that is why I asked the above question)...

anyways, any help on either part of this would be greatly appreciated

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