Re: [Circle] ANSI Color

From: Stefan Jakobsson (
Date: 11/11/96

On Sun, 10 Nov 1996, Mathieu Fenniak wrote:
> I picked up a ANSI color snippet from the, and I'm
> having a major problem with it.. well, two major problems:
> 1) Prompts appear after something is typed. IE:
> <insert login screen>
> <I type>: Lao <CR>
> <I type>: ******** <CR>
> Whom do you wish to be knowen as?Password:
> <Insert IMOTD>
> <I type>: <CR>
> *** PRESS RETURN ***
> ect
> ect
> 2) THE COLOR DOESN'T WORK!! :( I type something like 'say \c05 Hi!', and
> it prints 'You say, 'Hi!'' I'm sure the MUD client I'm using supports
> ANSI color codes, because my MOO with my own ANSI system on it displays
> color fine. (I tried replacing the \x in the color.c with ~, but that
> did nothing too..)
> Can somebody please help? (I followed the directions in the
> 'easy-color.tar.gz' package exactly)

Stupid question.... 

Have you activated color support by typing color complete?

Reg, Stefan

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