[Circle] ANSI Color

From: Mathieu Fenniak (fenniakj@cadvision.com)
Date: 11/10/96

I picked up a ANSI color snippet from the ftp.circlemud.org, and I'm
having a major problem with it.. well, two major problems:

1) Prompts appear after something is typed. IE:
<insert login screen>
<I type>: Lao <CR>
<I type>: ******** <CR>
Whom do you wish to be knowen as?Password:
<Insert IMOTD>
<I type>: <CR>

2) THE COLOR DOESN'T WORK!! :( I type something like 'say \c05 Hi!', and
it prints 'You say, 'Hi!'' I'm sure the MUD client I'm using supports
ANSI color codes, because my MOO with my own ANSI system on it displays
color fine. (I tried replacing the \x in the color.c with ~, but that
did nothing too..)

Can somebody please help? (I followed the directions in the
'easy-color.tar.gz' package exactly)
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