[Circle] Re: [obuild .06] bugs

Date: 11/11/96

We just replaced OasisOLC with obuild .06 with the new act.build.c. after 
some testing, we found a few majior problems:
  rset desc, edit desc, look at room, and *BANG CRASH*
 the next time, that didn't hurt us, but...
  rset desc, look, (still okay) redit save, *BANG CRASH*
 the next time, both of those had no prob, but...
  rset desc, look, redit save, look, rset desc, look, *BANG CRASH*

Also, it still outputs the ^M's, and everywhere it doesn't output the 
'Okay.'. Any help would be much appreciated!


We've been getting a crashes with obuild.06 too.  

We see it with oedit create.  When you create a new object 
the object is "a bug" instead of a new object.  If you try to 
osave the mud crashes.

Here's a gdb backtrace

#0  0xad37c in free_unlocked ()
#1  0xad340 in free ()
#2  0xaae88 in copy_object (dest=0x259160, src=0x246070) at 
#3  0x96bcc in do_oedit (ch=0x32d260, argument=0xeffff73d " 
create", cmd=170, 
subcmd=0) at act.build.c:823
#4  0x6d51c in command_interpreter (ch=0x32d260, 
argument=0xeffff738 "oedit create") at interpreter.c:690
#5  0x1a728 in game_loop (mother_desc=3) at comm.c:603 #6  
0x1987c in init_game (port=6666) at comm.c:242
#7  0x197c8 in main (argc=3, argv=0xeffffdd4) at comm.c:212

int copy_object(struct obj_data * dest, struct obj_data * 
int j;
struct extra_descr_data *desc, *desc2;

if(!src || !dest) {
log("SYSERR:  copy_object: source or destination object 
return 1;

if(dest->name) free(dest->name);
<this is line 4875>
if(dest->short_description) free(dest->short_description); 

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