[Circle] Re: Ships

From: berzerk (mud@mamma-mu.campus.luth.se)
Date: 11/11/96

I made some ship thingie last year and it wasnt hard at all.

1. Make a ship object.
2. Make the inside ship room (how many you now want)
3. To the obj, assign a proc that transfers you to the room (trigger on
enter for example.
4. To the room, assign a proc that transfers you out of the room.  You
will need to keep track of in what room the ship currently is, if its a
harbour and stuff like that...
5. Make a mob with a proc that will do the actually moving of the ship
since they are the only one that are called periodically and load it
somewhere where it wont bother anyone..

That's it I think,  I dont have the code and it was a long time since I
made it..

/Berzerk @ vincent.ludd.luth.se 4000

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