[Circle] save_char

From: Guilbault, Brian (AUBURNHILL!IRVINAH1!BGUILBAU@takata.attmail.com)
Date: 11/12/96

>> Ok, this is a question that I have gone over quit a few times and I can't 

>> seem to figure out.  In my mud when you type quit it takes you to the
>> menu.  If you type 0 it disconnects you.  If you then reconnect and login 

>> it will load you where you left.  If you type 1 instead of 0, it will
>> take you to where you last loaded, instead of where you quit.

This is because save_char is called again in extract_char. What you have
to do is in extract_char, you have to turn on the loadroom flag, set
the loadroom to the current room, save them in that room, THEN close the

GET_LOADROOM(ch) = world[ch->in_room].number;
save_char(ch, GET_LOADROOM(ch));

I think that's how I did it. I'm at work (hence the weird address) and I
don't have the code here. But I know that extract_char is the problem
because there is a save_char(ch, NOWHERE) in there somewhere.


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