[Circle] [circle][code] multiclass on NT/win95

From: Sigurdur R. Helgason (sigurdur@isp.his.se)
Date: 11/12/96


Has anyone ported the lost land multiclass system (based on the 3bpl11
code) to NT/win95.
I lokked at the code and made some futile attempts to compile it on the
NT, but it is (as says in comments) heavily recoded ... and most
NT/win95 bits taken out ...
So i got a mud with 100 levels, 4 classes and 4 races but no multiclass.
Well 3 out of 4 ain't bad. But I would appriciate that if someone has
ported this multiclass code, would share the secret with me (or give me
a pointer to the src).

Sigurdur R. Helgason -- sigurdur.helgason@isp.his.se
Personal URL: http://www.his.se/ida/~sigurdur

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