Re: [Circle] [Newbie] Log crashing errors.

From: Sigurdur R. Helgason (
Date: 11/12/96

Both NT and win95 have the problem of not beeing able to redirect stderr
(only stdout).

So I had the same prob with the logs.
Fixed the problem by changing the log and mudlog in that way that they
wrote to stdout instead of stderr. I also changed all the perror("X") to
printf("X\n"); That way I can use a modified autorun (autorun.bat) and
run that file as a service on the NT (and all logs end up in the

p.s. mailed the author to circlemud and he said that in next version
this would be fixed. Prob. with a cmdline param specifying the logfile
(no redirection needed).

Hope this helps .... 
Feel free to mail questions to me about this but spare the list ...pls
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