Re: [Circle] AutoEQ from FTP

From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 11/13/96

>>>>> "B,R,P" == Bruce, Ray, Phil <> writes:

 B,R,P> Hi all! I got the AutoEQ for patch level 11 from the CircleMUD
 B,R,P> FTP Site, and I installed the patch, but there were errors in
 B,R,P> it that I didn't understand... Is the patch defective? or do I
 B,R,P> just need to adjust it?

I just happened to find out that I must have put a wrong diff file
into the autoeq.pl11.patch.gz when I was trying to fix the last bug
that caused the logfile messages about equipping players in NOWHERE
in July.

In put the (hopefully) right patch file into /put/CircleMUD/incoming
on which should be moved to the contrib/code
directory of soon.

with apologies for the inconvenience

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