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From: AxL (axl@mindwarp.plymouth.edu)
Date: 11/13/96


	Apologizes if this has been asked before, but I am a recent
subscribee to this list.

	Well, I am attempting to add another wear field for equipment,
a second slot for a wieldded weapon (WEAR_WIELD2 defined as type 18 in
structs.h in my case)  I haven't been able to get everything to function 
correctly all at the same time.   i.e., I have either been unable to hold 
an item along with the two weapons (something I plan to disallow in the 
future, but for now it's not a problem), unable to wield when holding an 
item, having the 2nd wielded weapon being treated as a held item.  I even
got a "Memory fault" in the middle of a fight, causing a crash. 

	So to sum that up, fixing one symtom creates another.   I haven't 
even begun to think out the mods to fight.c to get the combat sequence 
to acknowledge the 2nd weapon...but any suggestions there would still be 
welcome. :) 

Thank you...
-axl @)-->---    "Beneath the stain of time, the feeling disappears.
 tarc@jammin.net  You are someone else.  I am still right here." - NIN
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